VTC Marseille, a private driver just for you

Optez pour la location d’un VTC pour votre séjour à Marseille.

VTC Marseille, a private driver just for you

Vous avez des déplacements réguliers et souhaitez avoir un chauffeur privé entièrement à votre disposition? Optez pour la location d’un VTC. Vous profiterez d’un service personnalisé assuré par un chauffeur professionnel et qualifié. Celui-ci peut même vous servir de guide lors de vos visites à Marseille.


There may be some of you who are still wondering what a VTC is, so to start this article, let’s start by reminding it. The VTC is a Tourist Car with Driver. The main advantage of the VTC Marseille is to take advantage of the personalized service of a real private driver for a simple airport or Marseille train station transfer or for the entire duration of a stay in Marseille and its surroundings.


You will have the pleasure and the advantage of having a professional and discreet driver who knows the city and its surroundings perfectly. The latter will be fully attentive to you and will do everything possible to make your journeys as pleasant as possible.


The other advantages of the VTC Marseille

Unlike Taxis, a VTC rental company in Marseille like Excellium Limousine offers you a wide choice of comfortable vehicles adapted to each of your needs for the duration you want. The Marseille VTC that you have chosen will therefore necessarily be available as reserved. 


So you know before using a Marseille VTC how much it will cost you, packages will also be offered for you meet your needs the best. By opting for the VTC, you opt for a private driver, who will not fail to offer you significant extras in order to make your trips as pleasant as a bottle of water, a newspaper or even treats.


Excellium Limousine, the guarantee of a successful VIP transport to Marseille

Excellium Limousine also offers VIP transport solutions for Marseille and its region. If you are a business manager and need to go to Marseille, Excellium Limousine offers you a wide range of luxury cars with driver.


Ideal for a Marseille airport transfer to your meeting place or elsewhere and this service can also be booked during your stay.


VTC Marseille, a private driver just for you

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